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“Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song”

“Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song”

27th August 2018
in Wedding

There is something rewarding about shooting a wedding of your friends. Knowing the couple well really helps understand how they want their day and what they like and dislike. 

Our good friends, Dan and Chelsey tied the knot in the beautiful Indian Tipi’s at the Mill House. 

The day began with a visit to George Washington Hotel to meet with Chelsey and the girls. We used the golfing environment to snap shots of the shoes and jewellery, while capturing the dresses in the lovely rooms.

Beers, bacon sandwiches and the great banter of the lads topped the morning off before the wedding cars took us to the venue.

Inside the Teepee’s is hard to describe, they are so cool and different and create a great experience for a wedding. There had been a weather warning for thunderstorms in the lead up to the day but the sun didn’t allow that to happen, the heat beamed down, the bbq burned away, the kids played on the bouncy castle – the atmosphere was incredible. 

We were spoiled with the beautiful landscapes that surround the Mill House so we didn’t whisk the bride and groom too far away from their wedding to get some shots of them and their two boys Danny and Harry.

Ed Sheeran sang perfect as the pair danced to end a beautiful day. 

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Dobson and thank you for letting us capture this amazing day.