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Gym Elite Photoshoot

9th April 2017
in Model, Photography, Trends

There is no bigger inspiration to get you in shape than being asked to photograph a group of people who have been doing an elite fitness programme.

Gym Elite asked if I would come along to their amazing gym for individual photoshoots for some of their clients.

This was one of the most exciting photography jobs I have done as it allowed me to be creative as well as work with people in peak condition.

It also allowed me to not only shoot in this fantastic gym, but to also work with Ryan and Zoe, the owners, who have an amazing set up.

I would encourage anyone to join a programme, it can really change your life. Hearing some of the stories from the different people, all different shapes and sizes and ages ranging from 18 to 60. The facilities are superb and the atmosphere is just great.

If my words aren’t encouragement enough, check out my favourite’s from the shoot below…

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