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South Causey Wedding Fayre

13th October 2020
Behind the mask Hopefully you understood a word I said under the mask 😊. I was laughing at the new Starbucks campaign with them not able to understand people’s names, and I’ve probably spoke for a while with my mask on, like Bane from Batman only with a strong Geordie accent haha! So welcome to […]
1st November 2018
A lot of people book a photo booth or photo mirror for the evening of their wedding. These are fantastic and i think a brilliant addition to your big day! They just add an element of fun, when everyone has had a drink, or just really merry, popping on a daft wig, mask, or holding […]
29th May 2018
Working in the wedding industry we have the pleasure of working with some fantastic companies. We understand couples like to look around for the right people and services for their big day and we’d like to jump in and offer some recommendations. Sarah Jane – Make Up Artist We have worked with Sarah and her […]
12th May 2018
We’re not sure if you have thought much about a pre-wedding shoot but if you haven’t they are a great idea. When we got married I didn’t quite understand why were getting a pre-wedding shoot, though I just thought it was a good opportunity to get to know our photographer more, which it did and […]
19th October 2017
We have just exhibited at the South Causey wedding fair and it was awesome. The old barn is absolutely stunning and the perfect setting for a wedding fair. There were some fantastic exhibitors at the event, the makeup stands next to us were chocker, and the delicious cake stand opposite us had a queue all […]