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“You make my dreams come true”

“You make my dreams come true”

4th January 2019
in Wedding

Ellingham Hall is absolutely breathtaking and the stunning setting of this special day for Rebecca and Will.

This was a day even we dreamed about as there were so many unique and special moments. 

Chatting with the couple we learned lots of their plans which got us excited, firstly there was going to be a lot of Harry Potter themed finishes – we love Harry Potter. They had a wedding singer named Faye Shearer, who just so happened to be our wedding singer which brought back wonderful memories. Decoration for the day was provided by The Whole Sch-Bang who again was involved in decorating our wedding back in 2015 – can it get any better, it certainly can. Will secretly told us he had planned for Rebecca’s horses to come to the day and surprise her – wow! 

Put all of those things together, add in this stunning venue, all the lovely family and friends and walla! You have an incredible wedding day!

Faye and Davy shot this day and worked between the rooms on the morning, chatting with all the bridal party and snapping the laughs and tears of the emotional day. 

Keeping the bride busy while the horses were brought was super challenging but gave us time to get some beautiful shots before then capturing her happy face at seeing them. The extra special moment was not only the horses arriving, but also the couples dogs visiting to which surprised the groom also. It was a special moment to photograph all the beautiful animals with the bride and groom, and they even decided to mount the horses for an extra special moment. 

The rest of the day was perfect, from all the details Harry Potter brought to the wedding with the womping willow tree, sorting hat, wands and every flavour bertie beans just to mention a few.

We finally got out for some sparklers before getting into the dancing of the evening. 

We thank you so much for choosing us to join in this unbelievable wedding. Congratulations Mr and Mrs New.