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Joining a gym programme

5th December 2017
in Lifestyle, Model, Photography

Will getting in shape improve my photography? Well… no, so what’s the point in the article? I was recently shooting a wedding and someone snapped a photo of me, dressed smartly in my waistcoat with a camera around my neck. When I looked at the photo, I couldn’t believe how tight my clothes looked and basically how fat I looked.

I thought ‘Is that really what I look like?’

That was one bit of inspiration to get myself in shape. Start mission ‘get fit’.

I joined a gym in Newcastle called ‘Gym Elite’. A fantastic personal training facility that gets you in shape. The gym is special and you really need to get down to see what I mean. You get a specific diet, ‘genius’ trainers, support anytime you need and of course a private facility away from the public.

I can’t see a time when I will need to use my new strength or fitness at a wedding, but feeling good about yourself and presenting yourself well is super important in my view.

I suppose this random blog is more of a recommendation for anyone out there, definitely a future Mr and Mrs looking to get in shape for their wedding. Check out Gym Elite.

I got to do a photoshoot at the gym of some of the clients who had finished their programme, wow were they in shape! Click here to see photos from the shoot…

Davy – Belle Studio Photographer