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Army at the Angel

11th March 2017
in People, Photography

We were approached to do a shoot for the army which was a massive honour.

Our good friend has been in the army for many years and contacted us to help capture the birthday of the battalion. What was more special, is the battalion is split in two with one in the north and one down south. They came together in the North East to celebrate the birthday and picked a rather famous landmark for the backdrop. 

We picked the Angel of the North as a perfect landscape for the shoot which towers above the troops great. It was an honour to be involved in the shoot and one thing we wish we could take away to work with us is the Sgt Major. He organised all the soldiers into position within moments and soon as he done it we thought, imagine him sorted a big wedding group shot – no problem. 

Great photo and lovely experience. Happy Birthday to the Battalion.

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