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A day out with Jess on the Plus Size

18th October 2017
in Fashion, Model, Photography

Jess on the Plus Size is inspirational and super fun to be with. We did a full day’s shoot with Jess, taking in loads of different locations and dress changes to boost Jess’s portfolio.

We started the day on the high level bridge to use the light and shadows but also the depth of the bridge to make her really stand out. We picked this spot to really clash with her stunning dress and make her the main focal point.

From here we visited the quayside, first on the Gateshead side and then on the Newcastle side. This was a complete contrast to the bridge shoot and offered a wide view of the Tyne as a backdrop. We played with the wide angle lens to get as much as the scenery as possible.

With a quick refuel at Greggs (much needed) we visited Ouseburn which was amazing. Think we found a new favourite spot at the little bridge and cobbles just down from the famous Cluny pub. After getting some shots here we went for a little stroll to see what else was around this area. We found some lovely Graffiti which we used as a backdrop while playing some 90s music on the iPhone – sure we got some funny looks from passers-by. The highlight of the Ouseburn adventure however, was Jess’s failed selfie with the cow, to which it first nearly head-butted her and then turned its back so she could get a selfie with its ass.

Next stop was at an old ruin behind Gateshead Stadium which was a great place to set off some smoke bombs and be a little creative.

The final stop in our journey was up the silver hills, diving into a farmer’s field. It looked great as the crops had all died so it made a lovely image for Jess to stand in.

It’s a wrap!

The final final stop was the pub for a well-earned celebratory pint. Great day, great company, great photos.

You can flick through some of the behind the scenes snaps above J